Steel Dreadnought Games

We don't want to be the biggest... just the best!


Naval Thunder has reached an unprecedented level of success on thanks to our loyal fans.  Both the World War 2 core rules - Naval Thunder: Battlership Row, and the World War 1 core rules - Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts, have reached ELECTRUM best seller status on wargamevault. 

This is the highest sales category reached by any of the more than 2,600 titles caried by wargamevault, and only a total of 5 products, including the two Naval Thunder titles have achieved that distinction.  So we want to say a big thank you to our customers for making Naval Thunder such a runaway success.  More titles are on the way soon!

On a related front, tomorrow will mark exactly six months since the release of the Colonial Battlefleet core rules.  We are excited to be able to say that Colonial Battlefleet is still the #1 Hottest Seller on wargamevault.  Our first fleet book, Colonial Battlefleet: Man vs. Machine will be out very soon!

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