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In the far off reaches of space, the lost colonies of Man fight a desperate war for survival against an implacable and ruthless cyborg enemy. Do you have what it takes to command a Colonial Battlecarrier, or will you turn tail and run?

Take your carrier battles to the next level with Colonial Battlefleet: Man vs. Machine, the first expansion of the top-selling Colonial Battlefleet core rules system. Man vs. Machine tailors the core rules specifically to a style of combat where swarms of fighters engage in deadly duels to the death while heavily armed and armored Colonial battlecarriers attempt to close with more numerous, but lightly armored Cyborg carriers. New features you will find in Man vs. Machine include:

 * 9 fighter profiles

* New fighter abilities like microjump, boarding, and computer-infiltration attacks

* A new fighter type - the gunship

* 2 new starship roles - the Battlecarrier, and the Raider

* A new FTL system - the Jump Engine (no warp point needed!)

* Expanded rules for boarding actions

* 76 starship data cards for the Colonial and Cyborg fleets, showing the ships available during the first Cyborg war, as well as the current conflict. Civilian ships are also included

* 6 new scenarios covering key battles during the war

The fate of the human race is in your hands, commander. Stop fleeing the Cyborgs, and start kicking their @#$!!

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