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Since it's release in 2010, Colonial Battlefleet has taken starship gaming by storm. It combines fast and easy gameplay with a tactical depth few other systems can match. Colonial Battlefleet: Star's Reach is a new expansion for the Colonial Battlefleet core rules.

Colonial Battlefleet: Star's Reach takes the top-selling Colonial Battlefleet rules to the next level by adding a slew of new features fans have been clamoring for!

This supplement includes:

3 new fully developed races. Each race has its own culture, armory, tech levels, and special abilities to supplement the "build it yourself" options found in the core rules.

New fighter types, and new fighter options including blister turrets, and shields.

New weapon systems, including 3 varieties of Spinal Mount allowing you to bring unprecedented (yet balanced) power to be battlespace!

New options for movement, shields, and damage control.

New tech enhancements for your ships including a true cloaking device.

15 new starship designs, using the new races and technology.

You demanded, we delivered!

Pick up your copy today for only $14.95 USD from Wargamevault right here!

. . . because EVERYBODY needs an Apocalypse Cannon!


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