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Steel Dreadnought Games has released an update to Colonial Battlefleet, based on player feedback at the Steel Dreadnought Games (SDG) forums.

ImageAccording to Harry Pratt of SDG: 

A core design goal for Colonial Battlefleet was to bring to market the first unbreakable construction system in the starship gaming genre. After it's initial release, we sought feedback from our customers, and the consensus of opinion was that in achieving our design goals, we'd been a touch too conservative in some areas - including the always problematic issue of space fighters.

Together with our forum regulars, we waded into the details and managed to increase the potency of a couple of weapons systems (including fighters) that had been slighted - without jeopardizing game balance. While we were at it, we made a few tweaks to the tech trees and starship roles, to better ensure the competitiveness of all the different options.

We owe a big 'thank you' to our loyal customers for helping us make Colonial Battlefleet the best game it can be, as well as the hottest-selling starship game on the market.

Players of Colonial Battlefleet should be on the lookout for the first two Fleetbook expansions to be released later this year with more weapon systems, more options, new fleet lists, and expanded rules for further tailoring the game to specific styles of space combat. The campaign system is also in development and is targeted for release in the first half of 2011.

As always, existing customers can download the updated version for free from Wargame Vault. The starship builder tool has also been updated to reflect the changes. 

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