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In the far future, Terran colonies are warring amongst themselves, even as a hostile xenophobic race approaches, bent on scouring all 'alien' life from the galaxy. Take control of a task force of starships from your colony world and lead your fleet to victory or die a horrible death in the cold vacuum of space! Anything from a stealth destroyer to a mighty battleship is yours to command.

Colonial Battlefleet features easy to learn rules and exciting game play with minimal time spent waiting between turns. Shooting and damage resolution is easy and yields plenty of carnage. Best of all, Colonial Battlefleet is not a "luck of the dice" game. Although the rules are very straightforward, the game offers tremendous tactical depth and your command skills will be put to the test! There are no cumbersome or complicated systems to slow down play. All your attention will be focused on outmaneuvering and outwitting your opponent - not trying to remember rules.

The core rules come with a rich background which includes three playable factions. In addition, rules for creating your own factions are provided, and the system will support starship combat from any sci-fi setting. Technology trees allow you to easily tweak the rules to match the style of starship combat from your favorite books, movies, or TV shows.

Features of Colonial Battlefleet include:

  • Fast and simple movement, shooting, and damage resolution
  • Balanced fighter rules with minimal bookkeeping
  • Adaptability to any sci-fi setting
  • A robust yet easy to use starship construction system
  • More than thirty unique weapons, defenses, and special equipment to outfit your ships
  • Eighty hull sizes grouped into five categories from destroyer through battleship for maximum flexibility in creating your own designs
  • Ten starship roles like 'Flagship', 'Battleline', or 'Screen' that define each ship's purpose and gives them bonuses that are relevant to that mission.
  • Six technology trees for customizing races
  • Optional rules for boarding actions, black holes, planets, warp storms, relatavistic distortion, the dangers of simultaneous warp point transit, and more!
  • Full color double-sided counter sheets for missiles, asteroids, mines, warp points, planets, black holes, grape shot, and strategic bombardment rounds

Customers with Excel can take advantage of the point-and-click starship construction tool that is included with the files.  You can even save your classes and print off entire fleets in mere minutes.

Colonial Battlefleet represents a new benchmark for fun in starship gaming.  Forthcoming products include a strategic campaign system, as well as fleet books for several popular miniature lines providing official stats and custom rules for each.

There can only be one!  Make sure it's yours.

Colonial Battlefleet is available as a PDF download through for $19.95.  See the Colonial Battlefleet page for more information, or our products page to purchase.

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